The Q Train is taking steps to make its dining experiences available to as many people as possible. Please find below a description of the facilities and services that we currently offer. If you would like to discuss this further, please email us or call us on (03) 4238 3930.

Assistance Dogs:

The Q Train welcomes diners who use assistance dogs certified by a registered authority. Assistance dogs must always be restrained by a harness or leash. If possible, please let us know when booking so that we can ensure you’re at a table with enough room for your assistance dog.

Assistance dog in front of The Q Train on the red carpetGroup of travellers in front of The Q Train with an Assistance dogAssistance dog disembarking The Q Train

People with Low Vision:

  • Information about The Q Train, including a detailed description of the experience, is available via the Vacayit app, which offers both audio content and transcripts, enabling all users to access the information provided on the platform.The Vacayit app is completely free for listeners to use and the app is free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play, enabling you to enjoy a more accessible travel experience.
  • We have large print, high contrast menus available; please either make a note in your booking or ask your waiter to provide them.
  • We have braille menus available; please either make a note in your booking or ask your waiter to provide them.
  • If you would like assistance with boarding and disembarking the train, our staff will be more than happy to help. If possible, make a note upon booking.

A Group of low vision travellers in front of The Q TrainThe Q Train menu is available in BrailleA group of low vision travellers enjoying the First Class Groups dining experience

Wheelchair Access:

The Q Train’s dining carriages are all more than 50 years old, and therefore have limited access. The external doorway is 700mm wide, and the internal doorways are 550mm wide. We can provide an attendant propelled slim wheelchair which can be used onboard our Q Bar & Dining carriage, seated at a table for 2 or 4.

Unfortunately, the internal doors on our other carriages are too narrow for wheelchairs. However, we are happy to provide wine matching in Q Class if someone in the group is prevented from entering the First Class compartments due to accessibility restrictions.

Please email us or call us on (03) 4238 3930 to make a booking using our attendant propelled wheelchair, so we can make sure we are providing everything you require to have the best possible experience.

Our attendant propelled slim wheelchair in front of The Q Train Accessibility ramp to enter The Q Train Our attendant propelled slim wheelchair boarding Q Bar via the ramp

Accessible Toilets:

Due to the age of The Q Train’s dining carriages, there are no toilets with wheelchair access on board the train. There are toilets with wheelchair access at each station, and the longest time between platform stops is one hour.

Walking Frames:

As a general rule, walking frames do not fit within our narrow door frames. We can provide secure storage for your walking frame and bring it to you at each platform stop. If you make a note upon booking that you would like assistance with boarding and disembarking the train, our staff will be more than happy to help.

Companion Cards:

The Q Train can provide a discount for companion card holders, while their client pays the full fare. Please email us or call us on (03) 4238 3930 to arrange.

Social Communication Difficulties:

The Q Train has communication boards in each bar, which can be accessed by all Front of House service staff. These have been developed for persons who may live with autism spectrum disorder, a Language Disorder, Social Communication Difficulties and/or a Cognitive Delay/Disability.

Communication boards are available on The Q Train.

Social Story:

The Q Train has developed a Social Story to help guests understand what to expect from The Q Train experience. This may help determine the suitability of the experience and may help to alleviate anxiety. The Social Story can be downloaded here

Sensory Processing Sensitivity:

The Q Train can be a high sensory experience for some. If you are looking for a more sensory friendly experience, have a look through the following on how your day on The Q Train could be improved for you.

Social Interaction & Crowds

  • Arriving 50 minutes prior to departure time can help you avoid the crowd.
  • We recommend booking our first-class cabins for a private experience, where interaction and noise from other guests is minimal.
  • Sometimes the bathrooms at the stations can be quite busy. There are toilets at the end of each carriage that can be used on board while the train is moving.
  • You can add the comment “quiet” in the additional information section of your booking if you would prefer less conversation from our staff.


  • If the music is too loud or quiet in your first-class cabin, there is a dial above the table that can be used to adjust the volume.
  • To minimise the amount of external volume, you can bring headphones or earplugs. The doors in first-class cabins can be closed as well.
  • If you are in Q-class and want to be in the less noisy carriage, you can let us know that you would like to be seated in Q Bar.


  • There are lamps on each table, these can be turned off if they are too bright.
  • Additionally, blinds can be closed as well.
  • If it is too dark in your first-class cabin, there are overhead lights that can be turned on using the switch next to the door.

Anxiety Disorders - What to Expect:

Anxious about what to expect on board? We’ve put together the following, outlining what is going to happen, to help you navigate your journey.

Arrival & Checking In

You will see some staff standing at the gate ready to check you in and welcome you on board. If there are no staff at the gate you went through, no need to stress, you may have gone through the back gate. Just keep walking through to the next one and we will check you in there.

Once checked in, an assigned staff member will show you through to get a complimentary drink, and then show you to where your table will be on board.

Food & Drinks

Each course is brought out in a timely manner. Your waiter will tell you a bit about the dish as they hand it out to everyone on the table. If you see other tables being served their food and are wondering where yours is, don’t worry, yours will be on its way shortly.

Waiters will regularly be coming around to your table asking if you would like to order any drinks. It is table service; however, if you happen to be exploring the carriages and fancy a drink when you’re in the bar, you are more than welcome to order from the bar as well. Any drinks purchased can be paid for at the end of the service when we come around to each table with an EFTPOS machine so that you can pay.


There are toilets located at the end of each carriage. These can only be used when the train is moving. When we are stopped at a station, there will be facilities nearby that you can use instead. If you ever have any trouble locating a bathroom, ask a staff member and they will be able to help you.

Stopping at Stations

We will be making some short stops in between courses. The number of stops and the amount of time spent at each one may change depending on weather and if there is another train using the railway. When we stop at Suma Park, you may need to walk through a couple of carriages to get to the platform as this station isn’t as big and we cannot fit the whole train at this station.

Access Mobility Map:

Plan your visit with this Access Mobility Map it shows parking, accessible toilets, train station entrance.
The Access Mobility Map is mobile-friendly – you can access it on the go on your smartphone.

Click to view the A4 PDF Access Mobility MapPrintable Access Mobility Map
Click on the links if you would like to download the printable map in A4 or A3 size.
If you have any feedback on this map, please contact us.

Audio Guide:

Click on the play button below to listen to the Audio guide. Click on the arrow below for all 5 audio experiences.