The Q Train - Celebrating and preserving our remarkable region

Celebrating & preserving our remarkable region


When we began the journey of The Q Train, our first and foremost priority was (and still is) to showcase the magnificent Bellarine.  From its local producers to the pristine and natural environment, we are intent on embracing, engaging, celebrating and of course, preserving as many aspects of it as we can.  Recognising our priorities, we have employed principal practices to ensure this is carried out to the best of our capabilities. 

Conserving and Preserving the Environment 

Travelling between Queenscliff and Drysdale, our journey takes you by way of awe-inspiring areas of the Bellarine, accessible only by way of rail.  Over the past 40 years, the resources to maintain and uphold the vegetation, trees and deadfall of these more secluded parts has not been available.   

Recognising the apparent need for ongoing care of these parts, The Q Train purchased an excavator, trailer and specialist vegetation management attachments with intent and purpose on preserving and conserving this remarkable region.   

Our efforts thus far have included clearing the deadfall and access tracks; selectively pruning trees and regrowth; maintaining the 11-metre envelope around the live rail corridor free of trees, fire hazards and restrictions. In addition, all the dead sleepers and other rubbish are being picked up, with the timber being stockpiled along the railway at designated spots.  With this ongoing, hands-on hard work, the beauty of this region will continue to be viewed for future generations to come. 

Embracing Locality 

With a region ripe in farm-fresh goods, The Q Train set about to continually embrace the great makers of the Bellarine and surrounds.  Just like us at The Q Train, these small batch farm/producers are passionate about the beautiful Bellarine and want it to continue to be the bountiful region it is so readily recognised as.   

Opting to employ practices and adopt methods that have minimal impact on the environment, these marvellous makers foster sustainability and facilitate the conservation of our environment. From Barongarook Pork’s free-to-roam philosophy to Lonsdale Tomato Farm’s environmentally friendly hydroponic set-up to the passionate permaculturists at Geelong Funghi’s to the fervent bee campaigners at Wattlegrove Honey, these makers are making a difference!  

Showcasing Seasonality

Just like the seasons determine your outfit choice, they also determine our menu here at The Q Train.  What is available and where from plays a huge role in our menu design and implementation.  We endeavour to serve up the freshest and most flavoursome of dishes and adapting our offerings seasonally makes this possible.  ‘Food miles’ (the energy used in transport and store) are also significantly reduced when a seasonal approach is adopted.   

Our Summer menu is, without doubt, the most popular one we’ve had and while we are very happy to say it is here to stay a little while longer, this announcement brings focus to the changes in our current weather system.  Orchards and markets are currently having supply issues with autumnal fruit and veggies, they are not ripening when they should.  So, for now, continue to enjoy the tastes of Summer before Autumn falls. 😉  

Utilising Sustainable Fuel

Recently The Q Train welcomed a new family member into the fold; the exceptional 3620 Locomotive Engine.  Along with being an absolutely glorious sight to behold, the 3620 also has a unique point of difference.  In 2003, this traditional steam firing engine was converted to using waste oil to fire.   

Particularly enticing to us at The Q Train, waste oil firing means that local industries will be able to dispose of their unwanted waste oil in a safe and sustainable fashion.  With principal support already in place from a number of Geelong regional machinery and agricultural organisations, the 3620 will provide these businesses with an oil recycling opportunity, while also allowing us to power our mighty engine in a viable manner.   

From supporting local providers and their sustainable farming methods to caring for our precious environment to waste oil recycling, The Q Train continually employ and look for ways in which we can protect, maintain and aid the magnificent land in which we are lucky to operate within.   

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