COVID-19 – Our response

Hi there! I hope you’re safe and well, and are staying at home. We all need to play our part in order to flatten the curve; ensuring that our ICU beds don’t get overwhelmed, and that as many as possible of us stay healthy and well.

Obviously, due to COVID-19, The Q Train has ceased operations for now. The financial impact of this was expected, but the emotional impact came as a distressing surprise. We love our train, we love our customers, we love our staff and we love our suppliers. So, it has taken a serious emotional toll on us to cease trading. While it’s true that we’re no longer working, we believe our staff are our biggest asset which is why we’re paying them their leave entitlements during this shut down.

The plan, at the moment, it to recommence in June. We are obviously reassessing this every day with new information that comes to hand. We do not want to put our staff or customers at any risk.

An enormous thank you to everyone who has chosen to postpone, rather than cancel. It is this incredible support that has allowed us to pay our staff their entitlements, rather than standing them down without leave (which is what so many of our fellow businesses have had to do in this unprecedented disaster). Australia’s Tourism and Hospitality businesses are in crisis at the moment, and the support you show by postponing rather than cancelling is, quite simply, life changing.

All gift vouchers will be extended for a period that is equal to the entire period of our closure. You do not need to contact us to do this, we will be doing it for you.

All bookings for March, April and Mat have been made ‘open ended’. When you want to rebook, simply call us and quote your original booking number and we’ll move them.

All bookings for June onwards are still in place, at the moment. If you’d like to change them, please email us and we can change them for you.

If you are not in a position to support us by postponing and would not like to experience The Q Train when we reopen, it is important to note we are assessing each refund request individually. Obviously, an economic disaster like this needs serious cash flow analysis and planning. We want our staff and suppliers not to be left in the lurch, and we want to be able to confidently reopen at the end of this. Therefore, each refund makes an impact and we need to plan them accordingly.

We’re not open, so our phones and emails aren’t being monitored during usual business hours. As with all family businesses, we don’t really ‘switch off’ fully. So, we will be checking emails and phone messages periodically.

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Wash your hands, stay at home, and support the small businesses you love by leaving reviews, telling your friends and buying gift cards.

Marie-Claire Trotter