Dining / Pricing Options for The Q Train on The Bellarine


Q Class$129 per person (Excluding Drinks)

Currently, The Q Train has four dining carriages, and two bars. Each dining carriage offers a unique experience for The Q Train’s patrons. When booking, we ask that you choose which dining option you would like.

The first of our carriages is called the Q Class Dining Car. Seating forty-four passengers on tables of two, four or six, this carriage is our main dining ‘room’. Diners in the Q Class Dining Car will experience The Q Train’s amazing degustation, and have the opportunity to enjoy beer, wine and cider from the finest local breweries and wineries. This is the only carriage to have six-seat tables, of which there are two. This carriage takes inspiration for its décor from the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula.The second dining carriage on The Q Train is our Q Class Bar and Dining Car. This carriage provides the same excellent level of service as the Q Class Dining Car, however it also features its own bar, displaying heritage railway artefacts.

Like all of our carriages, the Q Class Bar and Dining Car can also be hired for your perfect private function, and is ideal for small groups up to twenty-eight.

Both of the Q Class dining cars provide fixed table seating for groups of two or four, and we have two tables that seat six on the Q Class Dining Car. Due to structure and space restrictions, there is no provision for moving tables and there is limited fixed space between the front of the table and the back of the chair. If your group is larger than seven people, please call us to discuss your seating.

What’s included in your Q Class journey:

  • A unique three-hour experience on our moving restaurant journeying across the Bellarine Peninsula, on the historic Bellarine Railway
  • Varying dining vistas along the way, including a dining stop right next to Swan Bay, which is spectacular at sunset.
  • Our delicious degustation menu, showcasing produce from the region
  • Attentive table service by dedicated professional wait staff
  • A table in either the Dining Car or Bar and Dining Car
  • The option to purchase local beverages whilst on board (we accept cash, EFTPOS, and VISA/Mastercard)

We regret that our wine matching option is not available in Q Class due to the space and storage limitations on the train.

First Class$179 per person including wine matching* (For 2 People ONLY)

The most prestigious dining option on board The Q Train is the First Class Private Dining Car. Originally a first class sleeping car from Queensland’s famous Sunlander train, you will dine in your own private compartment. This intimate compartment, with seating for two, creates a unique, romantic atmosphere; ideal for that romantic treat, anniversary, birthday or special occasion. There are fourteen compartments available on each train. First Class guests experience our delicious degustation menu, with matching wines*.

What’s included in your First Class journey:

  • A panoramic window seat to enjoy the views of the Bellarine Peninsula during our three-hour journey along the Bellarine Railway
  • Varying dining vistas along the way, including a dining stop right next to Swan Bay, which is spectacular at sunset.
  • A romantic private dining compartment for two
  • Our delicious degustation menu, including The Q Train Wine Matching*
  • Fine linen and superior and attentive service
  • Complimentary tea, barista-made coffee
  • The option to purchase additional beverages whilst on board (we accept cash, EFTPOS, and VISA/Mastercard)
  • The First Class experience is only available for groups of 2

*Wine matching is the process of pairing food dishes with wine to enhance the dining experience. In many cultures, wine has had a long history of being a staple at the dinner table and both the winemaking and culinary traditions of a region will have evolved together. The main concept behind pairings is that certain elements in both food and wine interact with each other, and thus finding the right combination of these elements will make the entire dining experience more enjoyable. Our premium wines used in the matching are sourced locally, and in line with our Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) are served as per the Australian average, which is around half a standard drink with each course. With around 100-120 mls being a standard drink, this means an average match per course is around 50-60 mls. This equates to around 3 standard drinks per person over the course of the meal.

Club Loco

Make sure you wander through The Q Train and visit Club Loco, next to the Q Class Dining Car. This is not a dining car, it’s a unique 80s glam experience.

Built last century by Queensland Rail, it used to be the disco on the Sunlander in the 1980s.We rescued it from the scrap heap where it had sat forlornly for 20 years and here it is in all its retro glory, complete with dance floor and light show.There is no dining in Club Loco, but it has a fully stocked attended bar, and espresso coffee.

Come and check it out, have a drink and soak up the ambience. All our diners are encouraged to visit it as part of their experience on The Q Train.

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