MasterChef onboard The Q Train

Two years ago, just before we started service, Andrew Bridger (one of the owners – and a long time MasterChef fan!) said to our Marketing Coordinator Emma that “I think that we’d make a fantastic team challenge for MasterChef, you should look into that!”. Never one to put anything in to the ‘too hard basket’ Emma worked away at this for months. Then, in March 2019 she announced that MasterChef Australia were interested in filming on board The Q Train. To say we were excited was an understatement! Less than a month later, a film crew of more than 100 were in the Bellarine and the contestants were cooking their hearts out.

In the months following the filming, we were told to prepare ourselves for a surge in popularity. We prepared our website with extra bandwidth, and eagerly awaited a showing date. Once we were told it would be airing on July 3rd, our friends at the Queenscliff Brewhouse invited us to watch the episode all together in their sports bar with their TV screens. It was so nice to all get together as a team and experience it in the same room. With us that night were our friends from WesEggs (whose eggs were featured in the episode!) and Golden Plate (who kindly awarded us with the 2018 Exempla Hospitality Awards) as well as some of our fantastic wine suppliers and loyal customers.

The episode was everything we hoped for, and more. The weather was fantastic, and the drone shots of Swan Bay and the Drysdale produce paddocks were just incredible. We know the Bellarine is beautiful, but we’ve never seen it from that angle! It was lovely to see the vistas change behind the judges as the talked about the dishes.

Now, we were told to prepare for an increase in website traffic, but we did not expect 16,000 people to visit us all at once! So unfortunately, our website did go down for a little while. However, people saw the funny side of it, with two national website posting articles about it. Ten Daily & Daily Mail Australia

So, almost 24 hours since the episode went to air, we are still on a high. There’s something about TV that makes even the coolest among us excited. And to top it all off, today we launched our new Winter 2019 menu, which was met with fantastic reviews. Book now so you don’t miss out!

If you missed the MasterChef Australia episode you can catch up via Ten Play, or read Junkee’s Recap (although, it’s not nearly as great as watching the episode!)