Meet The Makers

The Q Train is proud to be a family business and as such, one of our primary goals is to support other local family businesses and showcase their produce for what it is, the region’s best!  So without further ado, meet the makers, the marvels of their field.  All are readily featured on our menu and all are enthusiastically eaten by our diners and just like us, they are passionate about what they do and committed to this great region.

Steeped in family history, Lard Ass Butter is the delicious creation of dairy farmer’s daughter, Monica.  Growing up in Western Victoria, surrounded by the creamy goodness of fresh milk and churned butter, Lard Ass grew out of a yearning to bring back great tasting butter.  Utilising European imported cultures to create an impeccably tasty and creamy butter, Lard Ass is the perfect spread for The Q Train’s picnic and also an essential ingredient in many of our culinary delights.

Remaining within the family since its establishment in 1998, Lonsdale Tomato Farm prides itself on producing the finest and freshest tomatoes, lettuce, herbs and homemade chutney on the Bellarine Peninsula.  Meticulously tended to, Lonsdale’s plants are nurtured, preened, pruned and picked all by hand, ensuring their seasonal fruit and vegetables are of the highest quality.  When it comes to their tomatoes, Lonsdale allows them to vine ripen.  This means that they are rich, red, tasty and as close to homegrown as you can get.  The vibrant red hues of Lonsdale’s juicy tomatoes continually capture the attention (and tastebuds) of our diners.

From picking the grapes to pouring and selling the wines, BAIE Wines is a true family owned and operated winery.  Each family member of the Kuc family has their own active role in the running of the business.  From Simon to Nadine to Peter to Anne, each individual utilises their knowledge and harnesses their enthusiasm for cultivation, preparation, marketing, cellar door and everything in between.  The result is an award-winning, elegant, maritime cool climate wine that is eagerly sipped and savoured on board The Q train.

Owners and founders of Wattlegrove Honey,  Jim and Stephanie know and love their honey.  Jim is a fourth generation beekeeper and Stephanie is a fervent campaigner of the critical importance bee’s pollination has on our fruit, vegetables, trees and plants.  Both are committed to saving bees for future generations to enjoy and together they produce the most delectable of honeys.  Applying Jim’s rich knowledge of apiary, Wattlegrove create numerous varieties of honey uniquely flavoured by the location of the hive and the period of production.  Sweet satisfaction is assured with Wattlegrove.

The idea of WesEggs first hatched when owner and founder, Wes was just a little lad.  At 9 years old, Wes had a penchant for pocket money and passion of all things chicken and eggs.  Starting with 10 chickens and growing to 50, Wes had himself quite the venture.  And although this dream was put on hold over the years, it readily returned when Wes met Mandy and together they built their egg empire.  WesEggs is a family-owned producer and purveyor of genuine and true, pasture-raised free range eggs.  Their free-to-roam ladies provide the Bellarine, surrounds and of course The Q Train with the most appetising of eggs. The makers featured on our menu have fascinating origins and of course fabulous produce.  Absolutely delighted to be dishing them up to you, we also cannot wait to share more of their brilliant back-stories.