Our Summer Plans

Hello Melbourne! Hello Regional Victoria! Maybe even a few interstate friends?! It’s so nice to see you again. I know you guys are excited the restrictions are easing across the state, but sadly The Q Train won’t be open for normal service for a while yet. Currently, the rules regarding indoor dining are as follows: 40 patrons per venue indoors, subject to density of 1 per 4m2 and a maximum of 10 people per space.

It is this density quotient of 1 per 4m2 that is keeping us closed, not the total number of patrons. Our carriages are not large, so we simply cannot open under this density quotient. When the restrictions (hopefully) ease on November 23rd, the 1 per 4m2 will still be in place. So, we will still need to stay closed.

Waiting for these restrictions to ease has been draining, sad and expensive. As a business, and a family, we needed to start earning income and employing our staff as much as possible. That’s why we’re working with QMF to be the catering partner for the Pelican Bar. This amazing music and food event is happening from November 27th 2020 – January 31st 2021.

We’re so lucky that we’ve been given an opportunity to work while restrictions would have otherwise prevented it. It means that The Q Train will not be resuming normal services until after The Pelican Bar finishes in January.

If restrictions have eased by February (and we’re very, very hopeful that they will have) then we’ll be back on the tracks then. 11 long months after we closed.

We’re not taking any bookings at the moment, because we just don’t know when we can reopen. We appreciate your patience as we await clarity of what COVID normal will look like.

In the meantime, please consider the following important points:

  • All bookings that have been made for the train in the pre COVID era, have automatically been made “open ended”. When we are again taking bookings (and we will let you know!), simply call us and quote your original booking number, and we will move them to your new choice. We would love to send a heartfelt thankyou to all of you who agree to postpone not cancel – it is your amazing support that allows us to be able to feel confident about the future, unlike so many other small businesses in tourism and hospitality.
  • All gift vouchers will be extended for a period that is equal to the entire period of the closure. You don’t need to contact us about this, we will do it automatically for all voucher holders.
  • If you need to contact us, please email rather than phone – as we are closed and all our staff are on job keeper, we routinely check our email weekly, but do not always have someone on the phone.
  • Finally, we are working harder to make sure to open better than ever, restoring our beautiful steam engine, 3620. She has just had her first trial run which you can see below, and many of you turned out to see her proud debut!
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