Club Loco Bar Car Revamp!

This carriage sat forlorn and unloved, covered in graffiti behind the Ipswich Railway Workshops for 15 years until rescued by The Q Train.

As you can see, the interior of this bar car required a fair bit of work to get it back to its funky original condition. The carpet and seats were filthy, the paint peeling, the metal trim dull and the dance floor neglected.

The coloured strip lighting was tattered and torn, and the reflective ceiling just gave us double this depressing view. The bar in the corner was dirty and dark, a testament to years of disuse. The gallery below help us illustrate the sorry interior. The odd thing is, the 4 cheerful bar stools are in great nick, and look just like they are waiting for visitors to sit and share a drink!

We decided to keep the original look and feel of this car, as it did have a distinctly retro vibe. We wanted to embrace that feel, and make a cosy “night-time” environment to enjoy a chat and a local beverage. This meant we wanted to salvage what we could, including the original upholstery, colourful carpeted walls, and the brass work, lights, stools and dance floor.

So while the outside was being sanded, de-rusted and stripped back to allow repainting, the work also began on the interior. The upholstery was carefully removed, expertly dry cleaned by Steve at Mitt’s Quality Dry Cleaners and now looks as good as new.

The wall carpet was washed and rebrushed, allowing its original colours to reappear. The worn floor coverings of carpet and vinyl were pulled up, and the dance floor repaired and polished.

Broken windows were replaced, blinds carefully cleaned and walls and brass and bench tops polished.

Then the lights, sound, airconditioning, and finally new flooring! Check out our fabulous Interface carpet tiling – doesn’t it look great? New vinyl in the kitchen and work area was selected to match the original as closely as possible, and we are thrilled with the result.

Now, all we need is to fill it, with laughter, music and beautiful regional beverages!