Sleeper to Diner? More like dawn to dusk labour!

The Q Class Dining Car where you will enjoy your degustation event started its life as a sleeping car on “The Sunlander”, a long distance passenger rail service operated by Queensland Rail on the North Coastline between Brisbane and Cairns in Queensland between June 1953 and December 2014. This carriage was built in the mid 1950’s.

This carriage required a lot of work, because we want to use it as a dining car, but we also want to pay respect to its heritage past. With this in mind, you will notice when you join us that we have left a “sleeper” in place at one end of the carriage, with a brief history of its use.

Carpet and lino were removed, broken windows were fixed with carefully sourced replacements, and structural repairs began, removing walls, bunks, and broken panels. Ceilings were repaired, waterproofing done, and a new floor laid, and prepped for carpet. The whole car was scrubbed and polished, and you will be pleased to hear that this included the original on-board toilet and bathroom!

The soft grey blue of the original interior we were keen to keep, and our colour scheme uses this as part of our beachy theme, soft blue skies and sea, and earthy, sandy tones of grey and brown to represent shore, while still retaining the original colour theme of the carriage.

Now the carpet is down, the lino is laid, and the interiors are shaping up, our team also faces the huge job of painting our carriages (including our kitchen and power cars too!) in The Q Train colours.

A bit more flooring in the kitchen car, and we can finish installing our state of the art kitchen appliances.

When you board our air-conditioned fresh, attractive, renovated carriages, have a long look around, walk the length of the train, and then admire the paintwork while you stretch with your drink on the platform. A lot of love, thought and hard work has gone into The Q Train, and we are excited to invite you to be a part of it!