One week to go!

The Q Train will officially commence service on Thursday October 5th, after months of preparation. To say we’re excited is an understatement! Last minute refurbishments and glitch-fixes are happening as I type, with the intention of having our full 6 carriages ready for the 5th.

We’ve had two test services where a privileged few (whose opinions we value highly) were invited on board The Q Train to trial our food, and our journey. The feedback has been overwhelming! Here are a few highlights:

“The food, and the night, was nothing short of amazing!”
“It’s an absolute ripper of a trip, one busy summer coming up for The Q Train and their chef Greg Egan I think!”
“The whole experience was very enjoyable. The food was fantastic as was the journey to Queenscliff and back to Drysdale. The waiting staff were professional and nothing seemed to faze them too much. A very pleasant evening all around.”

I’ll stop now, as our heads are getting too big! If you’d like to know more about the journey you can expect, Social Pages VIP did a great write up on their wonderful blog. Check it out here.

The aspect we’re proudest of from the trial runs is how well our kitchen performed. It’s no mean feat cooking and preparing 6 courses for over 70 people – once you add it the fact that the kitchen is moving, and that we can’t have gas or a deep fryer, it gets even trickier! But our kitchen team, led by Head Chef Greg Egan and Sous Chef Stephanie Lloyd, rose to the task admirably. We couldn’t be happier with how the kitchen worked.

How do you book? Well, you can pop over to our bookings page here, or call (03) 4238 3930.