Statement from CEO in regard to COVID-19

It is with a heavy heart that I have to confirm what you no doubt have seen coming: we need to temporarily close our doors. This is the socially responsible decision, as we all need to stay safe in this period.

After this weekend, we have decided to suspend remaining March and April services. All of you with bookings during this time have been emailed. We thank you for your patience as we respond.

This shut down is disappointing, but we believe it’s our moral obligation to our staff and customers. We hope to open again in May 2020, but this decision will obviously be based information that comes to hand over the coming months.

Please keep our team, and those many businesses and employees throughout Australia (and the world!) who will be suffering in the coming months, in your thoughts. These are unprecedented times. We have to put the needs of our entire community above our own.

Finally, please remember that local businesses need your support now more than ever before. We run the risk of losing our favourite cultural, artistic, and tourism experiences after a 2020 than none of us saw coming. Plan your future holidays now, to ensure your favourite restaurants, theatres, hotels are still here when this subsides.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Wash your hands! Marie-Claire Trotter xx