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Isn’t she a beauty!  Weighing 130 tonne and with a height of 12ft, The Q Train are thrilled to announce that the 3620 Locomotive Engine will be joining our family. 

This ex-South African Railways engine is a 24-class locomotive.  Distinct, unique and extremely exceptional, 3620 is the only locomotive preserved in Australia with the Berkshire (2-8-4) wheel arrangement and a Vanderbilt tender (cylindrical body with a fuel bunker set into the front end).  Making its way to us, 3620 will begin its journey at dawn from Cairns on Saturday 22nd February 2020.  Travelling in a not-so-traditional style for a locomotive, 3620 will be craned and loaded onto the back of a heavy-haul low loader.  It will then travel over 3,200km in just under one week to be placed onto its new track at its new home, the Bellarine Railway for The Q Train’s Steam Sundays.

3620 departing from Cairns to Point Lonsdale.

Quite the seasoned traveller already, 3620 locomotive has many a passport stamp, having voyaged 25,500km and halfway around the world!  Designed by Dr. M. M. Loubser for the South African Railways and built in 1949/50 by the North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow, 3620 travelled to Cape Town to become an integral component of the South African Railways for many years. In 1996 it was passaged to Auckland, New Zealand where it was restored, before becoming an Australian citizen in 2001 when it joined the Cairns Kuranda Steam Train service, operated by the Savannahlander. They have had it in their care until now.  

Steaming into the 21st century, 3620 was converted from traditional coal firing to waste oil firing to make steam in 2003. When 3620 is driving Australia’s only dedicated Rail Restaurant, this will provide regional organisations within Geelong and the Bellarine an opportunity to dispose of their waste oil in a safe and sustainable manner.  

And now in 2020, the large and legendary 3620 Locomotive Engine is set to become a Bellarine local.  The Q Train excitedly awaits its arrival and cannot wait to introduce you to our newest family member.  In the meantime, keep on the lookout for a train onboard a truck, it’s hard to miss!  And watch our socials for the confirmed date, time and arrival point of the 3620 Locomotive Engine. 

3620 ready for departure from Cairns to Point Lonsdale.
3620 ready for departure from Cairns to Point Lonsdale.

Look out for 3620 heading from Cairns to Point Lonsdale.
Look out for 3620 heading from Cairns to Point Lonsdale.
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