Drysdale -> Queenscliff -> Drysdale

Welcome to The Q Train! We can’t wait to welcome you on board and take you from Drysdale to Queenscliff and back to Drysdale, while treating you to some of the best produce from Geelong, Bellarine and the Otways.

Arrive at Drysdale Station about 30 minutes before your departure time, this gives you time for a glass of bubbly and a photo on our red carpet.

Our staff will take you to your seat and give you a chance to get comfortable. As soon as everyone is on board, our drivers will blow the whistle and we’re on our way!

Onboard The Q Train

What to expect.

We start service as the train departs, with the first course leaving our onboard kitchen when the whistle blows.

As we make our way past Clydesdales, olive groves and waving passers by you are invite to look through our drinks list. The Q Train proudly only offers local, independent wines, beers and ciders from the Bellarine and across Geelong and the Otways. Is your heart set on your ‘usual’? Don’t worry, our staff are trained to recommend a locally owned and made equivalent that we bet you’ll like even better!

During the service, we will pause at Queenscliff and/or Suma Park station. This gives you a chance to stretch your legs, and chat to the train drivers if you like.

Unique. Delicious. Exciting.

A dining journey unlike any other.

Our main course is usually served as we pause on Swan Bay. These protected wetlands are abundant with birdlife, and provides a lovely backdrop to your meal.

On the return journey, you may like to order a coffee or chat to our staff about the history of the train, our local producers or maybe you’d like to know how they balance those champagne flutes on a moving train!

The Q Train returns to Drysdale Station 3hrs after departure – bringing you back to your car with memories of a dining journey you won’t soon forget.

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