COVID-19 Restrictions have changed the way we operate, so your experience will be a little bit different.

Rest assured we have frequent schedules for cleaning and sanitising, and all surfaces and touch points throughout the train are cleaned and sanitised frequently.

You will notice fewer guests, strict seating arrangements, and signage displaying allowable guest numbers and new hygiene protocols. Paper items are single-use. We are currently preferring bills are settled via EFTPOS, and our machines are sanitised between uses. 70% alcohol gel hand sanitiser is provided at the restaurant entrance and at each table. The air conditioning in our carriages is not the typical recirculatory air conditioning systems. Rather, we use a negative pressure system for air conditioning, which brings in outside air from one end of the carriage, and expels it at the other end. This is similar to what is used in the aviation industry.

Team members are not permitted to be at work while showing signs of illness. The health of every team member is monitored and recorded via daily health checks.

Your Dining Journey Onboard The Q Train

Join us for a taste of the beautiful Bellarine

Your journey onboard Geelong’s restaurant train commences at one of two picturesque Railway Stations – Drysdale or Queenscliff. Please check your booking confirmation email, and it will clearly state which station you are departing from. On arrival, you’ll be greeted with a drink on the platform. It’s important to arrive 30 minutes early, because we cannot wait if you’re late.

Our friendly staff will welcome you on board and show you to one of The Q Train’s restored Dining Cars.

Once comfortably on board, we invite you to relax whilst perusing our beverage list. The Q Train proudly only offers local, independent wines, beers and ciders from the Bellarine and across Geelong and the Otways. Is your heart set on your ‘usual’? Don’t worry, our staff are trained to recommend a locally owned and made equivalent that we bet you’ll like even better!

Sit back, relax and enjoy

As The Q Train takes you on a culinary journey

As the train whistle sounds your journey begins, travelling along the beautiful Bellarine Railway, offering views of the rolling hills of The Bellarine.

One of your courses will be served soon after departure.

Between the set courses of our degustation menu, you are free to walk around the train. You can explore the train and soak up the rich history. Feel free to ask any of our staff about the rich history of our train, our locomotives or the renovation journey.

The Q Train will pause at Suma Park Historic Homestead, where we encourage you to stretch your legs. When the train is pulled by our Steam Locomotive 3620, there will be a unique photo opportunity here as well. Then your journey continues as we travel alongside beautiful Swan Bay.

Unique. Delicious. Exciting.

A decadent gastronomical journey you'll never forget.

The Q Train runs for approximately 3 hours. As The Q Train closes its return journey into either Drysdale or Queenscliff Railway station, the staff will make their way around the train to make sure you enjoyed your trip;.

The waiters are keen to meet your every need; simply ask for any information regarding the train or surroundings and we can guarantee they will know the answer. We also have booklets on each table which are full of information on the train, the menu and our local suppliers.

The Q Train has a toilet in each carriage, however they cannot be used when the train is stationary. There are also toilets at every station.

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